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(There are over 500 entries for the years dating back to 1950. Lewis M. Branscomb is sole author unless otherwise noted.)

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2000 Articles:

Lewis M. Branscomb, Managing Technical Risks in High Tech Innovation, Conference on Innovation, Beijing, April 2000.

Lewis M. Branscomb, Information Based Economies and Businesses; Conference Proceedings for INFO21, Tokyo, March 2000.

Lewis M. Branscomb, Kenneth Morse, and Michael Roberts, Managing Technical Risk: Understanding Private Sector Decision Making on Early Stage, Technology-Based Projects.

Advanced Technology Program, National Institute for Standards and Technology, US Department of Commerce, NIST GCR 00-787, April 2000.


1999 Book:

Lewis M. Branscomb, Fumio Kodama, and Richard Florida, eds., Industrializing Knowledge: University-Industry Links in Japan and the United States (Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 1999). [Now being translated into Chinese for publication in Beijing.]

1999 Articles:

Lewis Branscomb, “The False Dichotomy: Scientific Creativity and Utility” Issues in Science and Technology, Fall, 1999. Link to Article

New Strategies for New Challenges: Corporate Innovation in the United States and Japan, Office of Japan Affairs, National Research Council, Lewis M. Branscomb and Fumio Kodama, co-chairs, (Washington D.C.: National Academy Press, 1999, in press)

Dalgon Lee, Eui-Je Kim, and Lewis M. Branscomb, New Strategies for Utilization of Science and Technology Research Results for Industrial Development (Korean Science and Engineering Foundation, report 97-11, June 28, 1999)

Lewis M Branscomb, “Le mariage de la science et de la technologie” Unesco: Le Courrier, May 1999, pp21-22.

Lewis M. Branscomb, "Managing Science-based Industrial Innovation" Unesco Courier 1999.


1998 Book:

Lewis M. Branscomb and James Keller, eds., Investing in Innovation: A Research and Innovation Policy that Works (Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 1998).

1998 Articles:

Lewis M. Branscomb, "America's Industrial Comeback" a review of The Productive Edge: How U.S. Industries are Pointing the Way to a New Era of Economic Growth by Richard K. Lester in Scientific American Vol. 279, No. 2, August 1998, pp 98-99.

Lewis M. Branscomb, "From Technology Politics to Technology Policy," in A.H. Teich, S.D. Nelson and C. McEnaney, eds., AAAS Science and Technology Policy Yearbook 1998, (Washington DC: American Association for the Advancement of Science) 1998.

Lewis M. Branscomb and Richard Florida, "Challenges to Technology Policy in a Changing World" Chemtech, Vol. 28, No. 6, June 1998 pp 13-22.

Lewis M. Branscomb, “Who Should Fund Basic Technology?" Nature Vol. 392, No. 6672, 12 March, 1998, p123-124.

Lewis M. Branscomb, “Korea at the Turning Point: Innovation Strategies and Reforms to Assure Korea's FutureReport of the International Symposium: Science and Technology Policy to Overcome the Economic Crisis under the IMF System and to Regain National Competitiveness, February 17, 1998, National Assembly, Seoul.

Lewis M. Branscomb, "Public and Pprivate Sources of Technology Outside the Firm" in Joe Anderson, Robin Fears and Bernard Taylor, eds. Managing Technology for Competitive Advantage (London: Cartermill International) 1998, pp 17-28.


"Technology Policy: Resolving the Ideological Confusion" The Bridge, Vol. 27, No. 2, Summer 1997, pp 4 - 9.

"From Technology Politics to Technology Policy," Issues in Science and Technology, Vol. 13, No. 3, Spring 1977 pp. 41-48. Reprinted in ChemTech, Vol. 27, No. 8, August 1977, pp. 8-13.

David H. Guston, Megan Jones, and Lewis M. Branscomb, "Technology Assessment in the U.S. State Legislatures," in Technological Forecasting and Social Change, vol. 54, pp 233-250 (1997).

David H. Guston, Megan Jones, and Lewis M. Branscomb, "Academe's Place in the Legislatures" in Albert H. Teich, Stephen D. Nelson, and Celia McEnaney, eds., AAAS Science and Technology Policy Yearbook 1996-1997 (Washington D.C.: American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1997).

David Guston, Megan Jones and Lewis M. Branscomb, "The Demand for and Supply of Technical Information and Analysis in State Legislatures," Policy Studies Journal, Vol. 25, No. 3, Fall 1997, pp 451-469.

1997 Testimony:

"On Rethinking Technology Policy" before the Senate subcommittee on Science, Technology and Space of the Senate Commerce Committee, Sen Bill Frist presiding. April 16, 1997. Federal Research and Development Funding and Trends (U.S. Government Printing Office: S. Hrg 105-91, pp 56 - 78. (Record includes copy of Investing in Innovation.)


1996 Books:

(with Young Hwan Choi) Korea at the Turning Point: An Innovation-Based Strategy for Development (Westport, Connecticut: Prager Press, 1997)

(with James Keller, ed.) Converging Infrastructures: Intelligent Transportation Systems and the NII (Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, June 1996)

(with Megan Jones and David H. Guston) Informed Legislatures: Coping with Science in a Democracy (Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, August 1996)

Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (L.M. Branscomb, chair steering committee) The Unpredictable Certainty: Information Infrastructure through 2000 (Washington DC: National Academy Press, 1996)

1996 Articles:

“Computers and Society," Encyclopaedia Americana (Danbury CT: Encyclopaedia Americana) 1996, pp. 493i - 493p.

“State and Federal Technology Relationships in the United States and Brazil (Annex 1)” in Institutional and Entrepreneural Leadership in the Brazilian Science and Technology Sector: Setting a New Agenda, Lauritz Holm-Nielsen, Michael Crawford, and Alcyone Saliba, editors, World Bank Discussion Papers 325, (Washington DC: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 1996).

"Social Capital: the Key Element in Science-Based Development," Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. vol. 798: December 18, 1996, pages 1 - 8. .

(with David Guston and Megan Jones) "Helping States Tackle Technical Issues" Issues in Science and Technology Summer 1996 pp 1-6.


1995 Book:

Confessions of a Technophile (Silver Springs MD: American Institute of Physics 1995).

1995 Articles:

OECD, OECD Review of National Science and Technology Policy: Republic of Korea (Paris: OECD 1995), L. Branscomb Expert Examiner and coauthor.

"Technology: Imaginative Use of Machines" in Scientific American, Triumph of Discovery: A Chronicle of Great Adventures in Science, (New York: Henry Holt 1995) pp 229-233. Also published in Japanese by Henry Holt, with Barry Commoner, editor.

[with Brian Kahin] "Standards Processes and Objectives for the National Information Infrastructure" in Brian Kahin and Janet Abbate, eds., Standards Policy for Information Infrastructure (Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 1995). Also published in Information Infrastructure and Policy vol. 4, 1995 pp 87-106.

[James Keller, Evan Smith, and Lewis M. Branscomb] "Manufacturing Partnerships in the Digital Environment: Best Practices in CALS Implementations," unpub. Report to DOD CALS office, 1995. Link to Report

"Balancing the Commercial and Public-Interest Visions of the NII," in Brian Kahin and James Keller, eds., Public Access to the Internet (Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 1995) pp 24-34. Previously appeared in Lisa I. Leidig, ed., 20/20 Vision: The Development of a National Information Infrastructure, (Washington DC: U.S. Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, 1994) pp 1 - 10.

"Public Funding of Scientific Research: Policy Criteria for Investigator Discretion, Sponsor's Intent, and Accountability for Outcomes," Sigma Xi Forum 1995: Vannevar Bush II: Science for the 21st Century, (Research Triangle Park, NC: The Scientific Research Society) 1995.

"New Policies in Old Bottles: Adapting Federal Agencies to the New Economic Agenda," Business and the Contemporary World, vol. VII, no. 2, pp 28-43, 1995.

"U.S. Science and Technology Policy: Issues for the 1990s" in Simon Schwartzman, coord.

Science and Technology in Brazil: A New Policy for a Global World, (Rio de Janiero: Fundacao Getulio Vargas Press, 1995).

"Technological Change and the University: Impacts and Opportunities from Global Change" in Katharine Hanson and Joel Meyerson, International Challenges to American Colleges and Universities: Looking Ahead (Phoenix AZ: The American Council on Education and The Oryx Press, 1995) pp 76 - 85.


"Building Capacity to Create, Share, and Use Technology: Civil and Military Models," Third International Symposium on Technology Transfer and Technology Diffusion, The Engineering Academy of Japan, March 14-15, 1994, Yokahama, Japan.

An Analysis of South African Science and Technology Policy No. 1, January 1994, Science and Technology Policy Series, (Pretoria: Foundation for Research Development, 1994).

OECD, OECD Review of National Science and Technology Policy: Mexico (Paris: OECD 1995), L.Branscomb Expert Examiner and coauthor.

Letter to ISSUES in Science and Technology on Gerald Hane's paper on Japanese cooperative research consortia. March 1994.

"Balancing the Commercial and Public-Interest Visions of the NII," in Lisa I. Leidig, ed., 20/20 Vision: The Development of a National Information Infrastructure, (Washington DC: U.S. Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, 1994) pp 1 - 10. (Also appears in Public Access to the Internet Brian Kahin eds., (Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 1995).

"Targeting Critical Technology" OECD STI Review no. 14, 1994.

"A New Civilian Technology Agency: Is it Needed to Implement the Clinton Gore Technology Policy?" in Bruce Smith, ed. Title? (Washington DC: Brookings Institution 1994).

1994 Testimony:

"Energy R&D and the DoE National Laboratories" Hearing on "DoE's Multiprogram Restructuring" of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, Subcommittee on Energy and Power, U.S. House of Representatives, February 3, 1994, pp 91 - 105.

"The FY 1995 Department of Commerce Technology Administration Authorization" Hearing of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Subcommittee on Technology, Environment, and Aviation, U.S. House of Representatives, March 10, 1994.


1993 Books:

Empowering Technology: Implementating a U.S. Policy, (Cambridge MA: MIT Press, June, 1993) (LMB Editor and author of half the chapters).

(with Fumio Kodama) Japanese Innovation Strategies: Technology Support for Business Visions, CSIA Occasional Paper No. 10 (Lanham, Md.: University Press of America, 1993)

1993 Articles:

(with Anne W. Branscomb), Commentary on "To Tap or Not to Tap," by Dorothy Denning, Communications of the ACM, 1993.

(with Fumio Kodama) "Technology Strategies of High-Tech Japanese Companies," in R.S. Cutler, ed., Technology Management in Japan: R&D Policy, Industrial Strategies and Current Practice (Washington DC: American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1993).

Review of Silicon Samurai by Tom Forester, published in Nature, fall 1993.

"Science and Technology Advice to the U.S.A. Government: Deficiencies and Alternatives," Science and Public Policy Vol. 20, No. 2, pp 67 - 78, April 1993.

[with Brian Kahin] "The National Infrastructure: Governance and Funding" in Barbara Evans Markuson, ed., Networks for Networkers II, (Washington DC: Library of Congress, 1993.)

Lewis M. Branscomb "The State-Federal Technology Partnership," Proceedings of the State-Federal Technology Partnership Colloquium, Airlie House, VA, September 12, 1993.

NSF Blue Ribbon Panel on High Performance Computing, Lewis Branscomb, Chairman, From Desktop to Teraflop: Exploiting the Lead in High Performance Computing (Washington DC: National Science Board NSB-205, August 1993).

"Technology Policy for an Information Intensive Economy" Federation of Korean Information Industries, 1993

1993 Testimony:

"Adapting the National Laboratories to a New National Technology Agenda," Hearing, Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, United States Senate, March 18, 1993.

"NASA's Relevance to the U.S. Economy" Hearing of the Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Space of the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, United States Senate, October 28, 1993 S. Hrg. 103-404, U.S.Government Printing Office 1994.


1992 Book:

[with John Alic, Harvey Brooks, Ashton Carter, and Gerald Epstein] Beyond Spinoff: Military and Commercial Technologies in a Changing World Boston: Harvard Business School Press, April 1992. [Also published in Chinese.]

1992 Articles:

"The Road from Resentment to Understanding in U.S.-Japan Science and Technology Relations," Harvard Journal of World Affairs, Summer, 1992.

"Does America Need a Technology Policy?" Harvard Business Review, March-April, 1992, pp. 24 - 31.

"How Real Is America's Decline?" Harvard Business Review Sept - Oct 1992, pp. 170-171.

"U.S. Scientific and Technical Information Policy in the Context of a Diffusion-Oriented National Technology Policy" Government Publications Review, Vol. 19, pp. 469-482, 1992.

"High Tech Manufacturing" Minnesota Technology, Vol. 1, No. 4 1992.

"The Case for a Dual-Use National Technology Policy: Optimizing Economic Security Interests" in Winning at Peace: Planning for Economic Health After the Cold War, Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy, 1992.

"Historical Perspective: 1969-1973," in NIST/NBS An Historical Perspective: A Symposium in Celebration of NIST's Ninetieth Anniversary, March 4, 1991, NIST Special Publication 825, (Washington DC: U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology) issued June 1992, pp. 25-29.

"A National Perspective: What are the Most Important Issues in State Science and Technology Policy?" A Science and Technology Policy for Minnesota: An Agenda for Action, University of Minnesota: Hubert D. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, April 1992, page 11-23.

"Technology Policy and Economic Competitiveness," in Stephen D. Nelson, Kathleen M. Gramp, and Albert H. Teich, eds., AAAS Science and Technology Policy Yearbook 1992, (Washington DC: American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1992.) translated into Japanese and published in JETRO Technology Bulliten 320, August 1992, pp. 1-11.

"The Role of Technology Transfer in Mitigating Global Warming," Proceedings, the U.S.-Japan Conference on Global Warming: Developing an Action Plan for the 21st Century, (Atlanta, GA: Georgia Institute of Technology, June 3, 1991, publ. 1992.)

Book Review of Fumio Kodama, Analyzing Japanese High Technologies: The Techno-paradigm Shift, London: Pinter Press, 1991, 177 pp. [Japanese edition: The Paradigm of High Technology (Haiteku-no-Paradaimu), Chuo-Koron Co. 1991.]

"The Case for a Dual‑Use National Technology Policy: Optimizing Economic and Security Interests," in Blake A. Strack and Claude E. Welch, Jr., eds., Winning at Peace: Planning for Economic Success after the Cold War, (Buffalo NY: Univ. Buffalo Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy Working Paper NW 92.01) 1992. Reprinted with revisions from Aspen Quarterly, Vol. 2, No. 3, Summer 1990, pp 33-52.

1992 Testimony:

House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, "New Directions for the DoE Multiprogram Laboratories and Implications for the Fed Laboratory System" September 24, 1992.

House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Subcommittee on Technology and Competitiveness: "The National Competitiveness Act of 1992," June 3, 1992.


"The Changing Global Economy" The Bridge, vol. 21, No. 1, Spring 1991, pp. 21-25.

"Information Infrastructure: A Public Policy Perspective," Brian Kahin, Ed., Building Information Infrastructure: Issues in the Development of the National Research and Education Network, New York: McGraw Hill, December, 1991.

"Forward" for George L. Trigg, Ed., Encyclopedia of Applied Physics, New York: VCH Publishers, 1991.

"Toward a U.S. Technology Policy," Issues in Science and Technology, volume 7, Number 4, pp 50-55, Summer 1991.

Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, National Research Council, Intellectual Property Issues in Software, Washington DC: National Academy Press, 1991, pp. 111. (L.M. Branscomb, chairman of the Steering Committee and author of the Preface.)

"Forward" in Dorin Schumacher, Get Funded: A Practical Guide for Scholars Seeking Research Support from Business, Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications, 1991.

[with Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology and Government task force, LMB Chair] In the National Interest: The Federal Government in the Reform of K-12 Math and Science Education, New York: Carnegie Commission in Sci., Techn., and Gov't., September 16, 1991, 79 pages.

"America's Emerging Technology Policy," Minerva, Vol. XXX, No. 3, Autumn, 1992, pp. 317-336. [Based on the Dael L. Wolfle lecture, Octob. 14, 1991, U.Wash. School of Public Affairs, Seattle.]

"In the National Interest," PRISM, American Society for Engineering Education, fall 1991.

"Technology Trends and Global Standardization Challenges" report to NIST 12/31/91 (NIST Order no. 43 NANB 117158.

1991 Testimony:

Committee on Science, Space and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, "Revitalizing the U.S. Space Program: the Augustine Report," Jan. 29, 1991.

"Technology and the Economy," The Joint Economic Committee, September 12, 1991.

1991 Invited Lectures:

"The Emerging U.S. Technology Policy", the Dael L. Wolfle Lecture, University of Washington School of Public Affairs, Seattle, WA, October 14, 1991.


"Dual Use Technologies" EAJ Information, No. 9, January 10, 1990 (Tokyo: Engineering Academy of Japan); from a lecture delivered February 21, 1989 in Tokyo for NISTEP. Also in NISTEP International Comparative Study Series No. 3, Feb. 1989 (Tokyo: Science and Technology Agency, National Institute for Science and Technology Policy.)

Forward to Jean‑Claude Derian, America's Struggle for Leadership in Technology, Cambridge MA: MIT press, 1990.

"Science, Technology, and Public Policy Research and Design in a Professional School of Government," in Hiroshi Inose, Masahiro Kawasaki, and Fumio Kodama, eds., Science and Technology Policy Research: What Should be Done? What Can Be Done?, Tokyo: Mita Press, 1991, pp 21-30.

"The Case for a Dual‑Use National Technology Policy," Aspen Quarterly, Vol. 2, No. 3, Summer 1990, pp 33-52.

"Public Uses of Information Systems: Principles for Design and Application" International Journal on Human‑Computer Interaction, vol. 2, No. 2, 1990, pp.173‑182.

"A Summary of Global Technology Trends of Possible Strategic Interest to the People's Republic of China" in From Technology Transfer to Technology Management in China, Leuenberger, Ed., Europe‑Asia‑Pacific Studies in Economy and Technology, Heidelberg: Springer‑Verlag, 1990, pp. 211 - 226. (Paper was discussed at a meeting with the Chinese leadership June 5, 1988.)

"The Re-Birth of the United States: Redirecting America's Science and Technology," in Asahi Journal, No. 1, 1990, pp. 84-88 (in Japanese).